Desk keyboards ESDY® for ESD-/EPA areas

With the newly developed series ESDY®, Richard Wöhr GmbH applies ESD keyboards as the first producer in a marketable standard product.

The ESD keyboard (with touchpad) is especially suitable for input units in areas which require high standards to the safety because of electrostatic discharge by human contact (clothes, friction), for example for the assembly of printed circuit boards or system technology (unit installation) and many more.

The keyboard is all-side added with a special ESD surface, also in the complete operating area (keypad) which optimizes the surface resistance to guarantee the necessary conduction of unrequested generated electrical currents by electrostatic charging. Furthermore, the keyboard has an earthing connection (push button) and is delivered standardly with an earthing cable.

ESDY2 without Touchpad

smallest version in compact layout without touchpad

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The ground cable with push button is included in the shipment as standard equipment.

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