Internet keyboard stainless steel

Internet keyboard, stainless steel

Metal input system

Bad weather or bad manners? All you need is the correct input system - very durable and able to take a punch. VA-steel against vandalism. With our metal keyboard, you can start to type with great gusto:

Including smiley, @ and Euro-keys, this keyboard can stand the most violent fluctuations and all kinds of locations, also outdoor. Whether it’s stormy or snowing - surfing is always possible.

With the robust trackball, you can always navigate exactly to the point. Even aport and with a sure hand at any time. We give you our word on it. This metal worker has a special feeling for navigation!

All our keyboards are able to take a punch.
This kind of Heavy Metal is reassuring for the operator:
No power to vandals!

Benefits and range of application

  • Very good tactile feedback because of short-stroke keys
  • Washable, resistant against cleaning agents and solvants
    (corresponds to DIN 45)
  • You can use the input systems with standard drivers,
    no additional drivers are required.
  • Left and right mouse keys can be freely assigned
    (via standardized mouse software)
  • Key combinations for administrative use (e.g. ctrl-alt-del)
    are masked for the normal user and are only at the system
    administrator’s disposal
  • The keyboard is also suited for covered outdoor applications

Metal keyboard INTI-2 & trackball INTI-2/TB
Your reliable guide for the Internet.

Technical data

More technical data in PDF format you can find here ->

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New: now also with disabled right mouse button available without additional charge. Please order separatly.


Internet keyboard INTI-2 Compact

  • stainless steel long-stroke keyboard
  • German layout
  • L 294 X W 133 x H 28,7 mm/
    L 11.57 x W 5.24 x H 1.13inch
  • V2A-steel against vandalism
  • with "INTERNET-buttons”
  • with Euro, @ and Smiley
  • incl. controller and PS/2-cable
  • protection class:
    IP65 on the front side
  • operating temperature:
    -20° up to +70° Celsius




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